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6 Ways to make HeroSteps FREE


Financial_Graphics91. Tell Your Friends!

Refer HeroSteps to your friends and save $100 with each school who purchases our Starter Kit. Share your great experience enough and . . . presto! Your HeroSteps program is fully covered.


Funding_Graphic2. T-shirt Sponsors

Email us to learn how you can turn custom spirit wear for every student into a simple money-maker. With your school logo on the front and local business sponsors on the back, the HeroSteps program is just a t-shirt away.



3. Use PTA/O Funds

Parent organizations often set aside funds for character or education enrichment, like a character presentation, guest speaker, or reader. Use these specific funds to bring our transformational program to your school that extends far beyond a single day.


Financial_Graphics104. Use State Funds

Much like parent organization funds, it’s likely your state earmarks money for your school to use on character development. Double-check to see what you already have to spend on character and fitness resources.


Financial_Graphics85. Sell Student Character Packages

Have your eye on a certain HeroSteps package or item for every student? Divide the cost by your number of students. Then ask parents to help fund your HeroSteps character package with just a few dollars.


Financial_Graphics26. Fundraising

Email us to discover a fun, healthy fundraiser with results that will keep you looking up and up and up. Raise 70% more funds than with other fundraisers and experience hassle-free service.

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